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40K “Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Unveiled


We finally reveal our latest
full 40K army project!

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 39


Today I am beginning the final pass on the army to finish up and add some extra detailing work.

Weekender XLBS: Awesome Star Wars: Legion Armies + How Projects Work On BoW 2.0!


Come and see how Projects are changing for BoW 2.0!

Assault From Underground With Forge World’s Termite Assault Drill


Get stuck into an assault from underground with Forge World and their new Terraz Pattern Termite Assault Drill. Why wouldn’t you want one of these?

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 38


Hello everyone! I am all giddy today as we move on to basing the Prussonians!

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 37


Hello everybody! Here we are with another update on the Prussonian Astra Militarum army!

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 36


I am back to the Prussonians as I now look towards finishing this great looking army.

Forge World Arm Necromunda’s Goliath Gang


Warhammer Community has just previewed a new set of weapon options Forge World are preparing for Necromunda’s Goliath Gang.

Weekender: UK Games Expo’s Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!


It’s the Weekend!

Games Workshop Reveals From AdeptiCon – Idoneth Deepkin, Sisters Of Battle & More


Games Workshop revealed a lot of awesome stuff from AdeptiCon last night.

Classic Land Speeder Design Given New Life By Forge World


Classic models have always been the domain of Forge World and their latest plan sees them reviving the Rogue Trader design for the first Land Speeder that the Space Marines got to use in Warhammer 40,000.

Custom 40k Astra Militarum – Mecharius Vanquisher Continued


If you missed the stream earlier, we have a treat for you Backstagers, you can watch it here!

Warhammer 40,000 Prague Open 2018

At the Warhammer 40,000
Prague Open Tournament,
there is only war…

Rally Behind Constantin Valdor Of The Legio Custodes By Forge World


There was some stuff about weapon options for The Escher Gangs in Necromunda today by Forge World. But, hey, I liked the look of this instead so here’s Constantin Valdor Captain-General of the Legio Custodes.

Unboxing: Warhammer 40k – Forgebane Battlebox


Custom 40k Astra Militarum – Mecharius Vanquisher


Catch up on the stream from this week as John works on the Mecharius Vanquisher!

New Blood Bowl, Shadespire, Necromunda & More Revealed By GW At GAMA


Games Workshop revealed a LOT of new stuff at GAMA this year.

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 35


The Prussonian Wednesday update! Come have a look.

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 34


It’s Tuesday and let’s see how the Prussonians are looking today!

“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 33


Hello everyone! Time for a Monday Prussonian update!

Forge World’s Legio Custodes Shield Captain Leads The Way


Forge World lead the way with their Legio Custodes Shield Captain which is now available on their webstore.