Painted Eldar Phantom at Forge World

March 25, 2011 by beerogre

To publicise the upcoming Forge World Open Day, Forge World have released images of their painted Eldar Phantom Titan!

Eldar Phantom Titan forge world 2

Here's what Forge World have to say about the model:

Tall, slender and elegant, the Phantom is the largest known pattern of Eldar Titan. It is swift and agile in comparison to the lumbering behemoths of the Legio Titanicus, and is armed with some of the deadliest examples of Eldar weaponry.
Each Phantom is the pinnacle of Eldar warcraft. Linked to a wraithbone core containing the living spirit of its previous pilots, the single crewman of each Phantom Titan, known as a Steersman, is an Exarch dedicated to this aspect of warfare. Locked in a trance-like state, the Steersman’s consciousness merges with the spirit-sentience of the Titan, enabling the mighty war machine to react and manoeuvre with astonishing speed.
The Phantom Titan is most commonly armed with at least one immense Phantom Pulsar, a long range and rapid-firing energy weapon far superior to anything sanctioned by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Phantom’s other primary weapon is often a Phantom D-Cannon; much larger and more powerful than similar technology used by the Cobra or Warp Hunter, it tears a seething warp-rift in the fabric of reality to engulf and utterly destroy its foe. As well as these primary weapons, the Phantom is armed with shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft and anti-personnel missile launchers as well as an additional heavy weapon; usually a long-barrelled Star Cannon or Pulse Laser. Adeptus Mechanicus logis-engines also record other primary weapons systems that have been encountered in the long history of conflict between the Imperium and the Eldar.

Are any of you planning to go to the open day?

BoW Andy

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