Peachey Models Join Forces With Wayland & BoW For Charity

August 1, 2013 by brennon

Peachey Models are looking to create a new tank for use within the world of Warhammer 40,000 all in aid of charity. Check out some of the details for their ambitious campaign below...

Sturmgeschütz IV

From the press release...

"The project aims to raise over £1000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Help For Heroes, by auctioning off two bespoke Warhammer 40,000 super-heavy tanks, as well as a small number of additional items. The models will be based onGames Workshop’s Baneblade kits.

The kits and supplies for the project have been donated by Wayland Games and Beasts of War.

Richard Peachey, the man behind the project, said: “This project is a great way for the war-gaming community to come together and raise money for a good cause. The winning bidders will be helping two very important charities, and will be the proud owners of two very unique tanks.”

Regular updates will be posted on the Beasts of War website. Both tanks will be sold built and painted to the highest bidder, alongside custom-made miniatures.

Richard added: “I have initiated discussions with South London Warlords and Salute about hosting the Charity action at Salute 2014, which gives us 6 months and a labour of love to complete the project.”

“So many people have offered their help and support including Josh Eteson, Matthew Davies off of Power Armoured Metal, Warren Johnston off of Beasts of War and Stuart Mackaness from Wayland Games.”"

The tanks are going to be inspired by existing World War II tanks and with the StuG being involved it's no surprise Warren was interested in this one!

Below are some more details on the tanks that will be part of the charity campaign...


"In the 41st Millennium there is only war. To save the Human race, now called the Imperium, a talented Engineseer Dr Krupp-Porsche on the Forge World of Mars commissioned and built a single Prototype Super Heavy Tank, using the commonly used Mars Pattern Standard Temple Construct which the Baneblade and Shadowsword variants are based; He designed the Panzerkampfwagen Sturmgeschütz XL colloquially known as the ‘Shadowstüg’.

The Shadowstüg was unique; its Volcano Cannon gun-mount was moved forward to make space for an uprated MR507 v18 Multi-Fuel engine, gearbox and improved suspension, making it fast, by super heavy tank standards over 30 Km/h Cross country and faster on roads. Making such a fast vehicle meant losing weight, as an ‘Assault Gun’ its rear and Side armour was reduced to 180mm rather than the 220mm of its sister variants, this made it as strong as the front of a Leman Russ. After initial field testing Dr Krupp-Porsche needed to work on its side armour and Track protection, by adding Side Skirts.

These Skirts were 40mm thick, bringing its side armour back on par with its sisters, the use of these skirts had one major drawback; the Side sponsons had to be removed, making it vulnerable to close ranged infantry attacks.

These alterations to the Standard Temple Construct meant that the Shadowstüg looks remarkably like the Sturmgeschütz IV of AD 1943-1945 designed by Dr Krupp-Porche’s ancestor Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach for the 3rd Reich during the 2nd World War of Man."

Toroton Super-Heavy

"The Toroton super-heavy tank was discovered on Ghais XII some time during the 33rd millennium, by a Mechanicus exploration fleet. The STC for the tank was located in one of the abandoned manufactorums on the planet by Magos Xing-Ti-33, alongside a rusted out hull, and production restarted on a small test scale after over 10 years of heated debate amongst high-ranking members of the munitorum, administratum and the priesthood of Mars. Believed to be a distant relative to the more common Shadowsword and its variants, the Toroton boasts far thicker frontal armour, and is able to withstand an impressive barrage of fire, dishing out potent return-fire from its main cannon.

The Toroton is the proud owner of a 290mm thick super structure, 260mm hull armour, and has been treated to provide minor additional protection against energy weapons. The machine spirits are generally complacent, if temperamental at times. When threatened, the tank’s soul over-charges key systems and boosts firepower to defend itself, often at the cost of its capacitors.

Despite the armour being superior, the Toroton is ill-favoured amongst assault regiments. It is noticeably slower than most other super-heavies with its underpowered engine and, top road-speed of 20kph and an off-road speed of a measly 15kph. Because of this, it is extremely vulnerable to flanking attacks, and is virtually unused by most regiments which are assault orientated. The Toroton is thus generally found on secondary line or defensive duties. Occasionally it does make the front line when other siege tanks are unavailable, and is used as a slow moving mobile bunker, often taking up a ‘bullet magnet’ role due to its strong armour and size.

Those tanks that see front-line use are often serving with well-defined siege regiments, such as the Cholisian 33rd armoured, the Cadian 88th armoured cavalry, the Roxian “siege masters” and the Mordian 19th . The tanks are used in support of other siege weapons such as Colossus, Thunderers and Medusa tanks, and usually draw fire from the more vulnerable tanks and siege guns. The majority still remain under Mechanicum control (an estimated 70% of all Torotons produced since M33), and are brought out regularly, under constant testing and surveillance. In the eyes of the Mechanicus, the Toroton still needs to prove its worthiness to the Omnisiah."

If you are interested in this charity campaign then stay tuned for more updates on this as and when they happen. As well as that check out the charity pages below...

JustGiving Page

bMyCharity Page

Peachey Models Facebook Page

It's all for a good cause and it will be fun to see how they turn out!

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