Pre-Order the Forces of Chaos to Bring Down the Imperium!

September 24, 2012 by dracs

The long awaited Chaos Space Marines, the fallen defenders of humanity, are now up for advance order from Games Workshop! So, let's take a look at what will be fielded against the armies of the false Emperor!

First up we have the twisted machinations of the Dark Mechanicum's latest demon engines.

Chaos Space Marine - Forge Fiend

Chaos Space Marine - Mauler Fiend

These two are the Forgefiend and Maulerfiend, two brilliantly bestial designs ready to strike terror into the hearts of all. These are quite different to what we might normally have expected to see from a Chaos Space Marine force, appearing to be something of a cross between a Khorne Juggernaut, a Chaos Spawn and farm machinery. The general design of the sculpts are quite good, with a really nice level of detail and positioning. Of the two I think that the tentacled Maulerfiend looks the best, as it actually creates a sense of movement, although I prefer the head used on the Forgefiend.

However, these aren't the only two to emerge from the Forge Worlds within the Eye of Terror. Look to the skies and you will see the most radical Demon Engine yet!

Chaos Space Marine - Heldrake

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's the giant winged contraption of death known as the Heldrake.

Again, this sculpt shows a great level of detail. I especially like the way you can see wires exposed at the joints and trailing behind it. The pose isn't bad either, as you do get the sense that this thing is in the process of swooping down on an unsuspecting victim, although something about the way the claws have been placed doesn't look quite right to my mind, given the general shape of the rest of its body. However, it does look far too elegant when compared with the other things we have seen for the Space Marines, both Chaos and Imperial. This demon engine is far removed from the Metal Bawkses we are used to.

The Heldrake is not the only thing which the enemy will have to keep an eye on the skies for. Check out the new and improved Raptors, as well as the new alternative Warp Talons.

Chaos Space Marine - Raptors

Chaos Space Marine - Warp Talons

All in all, I rather like these guys. Everything about these minis looks vicious, from their ornate armour to their weaponry. Even their jet packs have barbed pieces! The Raptors in particular seem to epitomise the vicious fighting style shown here, with their barbed weaponry and scowling face masks, you know these guys are going to cause some carnage.

Yet, when it comes to carnage, even the Raptors won't be able to match the new Mutilators!

Chaos Space Marine - Mutilators

These guys look like a real mess. But then, that's what they're supposed to look like. The Mutilators are essentially the close combat equivalent of the mighty Obliterators and they certainly share their bulky, mutated appearance. Yet, while we didn't really mind the way in which the Obliterators appeared almost immobile, these guys are supposed to be close combat monsters. To beat them all I would need to do is attack them from the side and kill them before they manage to turn around, which by the look of things should take them a while.

But where would the Chaos Space Marines be without leadership? Well, they probably wouldn't be Chaos Marines, but still, no less than four heroes of Chaos are up for pre-order.

The first two are your standard aspiring Champion and Sorcerer.

Chaos Space Marine - Aspiring Champion

Chaos Space Marine - Sorcerer

While these guys are nice models and have a very good level of detail, they aren't anything particularly new or special.

It's the next two heroes which really get me excited as, not only do I think they are nice models, they show us elements of the Chaos Space Marines which we have only had glimpses of previously.

Chaos Space Marine - Warpsmith

The Warpsmith is a Chaos Space Marine of the Dark Mechanicum and appears every inch to be a perverted reflection of the Techmarines of the Imperial forces. The segmented armour looks great, creating a far harsher appearance, while the cloak of pipes and wires create a really dramatic piece of sculpting, even if they do seem somewhat pointless. Top this all off with the evil mass of mechanical tendrils framing the miniature and you have one awesome mechanic.

The prize for my favourite miniature of these new releases has to go to the Dark Apostle.

Chaos Space Marine - Dark Apostle

This miniature looks brilliant, from the flowing scroll work surrounding him, to the intricate symbols and carvings all over his armour. He looks to be a brilliant parody of the Space Marine Chaplains. One thing is for sure, this guy takes his evangelism seriously.

All in all, a fine selection of hellish creations to field in the galaxy of Warhammer 40K. The greater focus upon elements such as the Dark Mechanicum, to me, helps to set the Chaos Space Marines apart, while reminding you of their traitorous back story.

Are any of you pre-ordering some Chaos forces? What is your opinion of these new models? Do they meet with your expectations for Chaos Marines?

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