New Primaris Space Marines & Ways To Get Into 40K Coming Soon

June 26, 2017 by brennon

The Primaris Space Marines of the Warhammer 40,000 world are getting some new reinforcements soon from Games Workshop as leaders and skilled operatives join their ranks, ready to repel Xenos and Chaos threats to the Imperium.

Primaris Captain

Leading the way quite rightly we have the Primaris Captain who has been posed to be much more of a leader than a frontline fighter. Of course, he can hold his own, but he is shown here with a more commanding stance. I like the new way that they're doing power weapons now too with the little crackle of energy as opposed to a big grimdark lightsabre.

Matched against him we also have the Primaris Librarian who is summoning power from the warp to render his foes into ash on the battlefield.

Primaris Librarian

I like the mild-mannered approach to the Librarian here where he appears more measured and focused. I'd still love to see a Librarian going utterly frenzied, cloak and accessories billowing out around him as he blasts something to smithereens.

Taking a note from Call Of Duty Ghosts maybe we also have the Primaris Reivers who are the special operatives of the Space Marines.

Primaris Reivers

One assumes that these Reivers replace the use of Scouts in a Primaris force, scouting ahead of the main force in their cut-down Mk X armour to hunt down particular threats and bring them down. These models are also part of their Easy To Build range so, for now, will be good for entry level gamers in Warhammer 40,000.

Here's hoping for a proper kit down the line. I would put a fair chunk of money on people buying those heads separately in order to outfit their entire chapter with those skull masks. Either that or we have a force of power armoured Skeletors...

Plague & Ruin

Coming up against the Primaris Space Marines we also have a few Easy To Build sets for the Death Guard forces out there. These Plague Marines, for example, help bolster a force on the tabletop.

Plague Marines

I like the design of them which feels very in keeping with the old school Plague Marines we saw back in the 90's. Again they cover one of the aspects I like about Chaos Space Marines in that they almost close the divide between Fantasy & Sci-Fi in Warhammer 40,000 which I like.

You can also pick up some Easy To Build Poxwalkers soon if you're in need of a shambling horde.


The Poxwalkers have been one of those kits which has divided opinion. I think most of them are a little odd looking but this selection is more measured and restrained - less silly some would say.

Get Started In Different Ways

This also draws me towards some new ways to get into the game. Easy To Build kits like those above can be added to two different avenues into the grim darkness of the far future alongside Dark Imperium. First Strike seems like a good place to start.

First Strike Contents

This gives you a cut-down place to begin your games with a handful of Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard warriors. You will get a core rulebook, some terrain, and all of the gubbins you need to get going. As a way to just get a taster of the rules this sounds like a great idea.

Know No Fear takes things to the next level and gives you two full armies for the Ultramarines and the Death Guard without the massive heap of plastic in Dark Imperium.

Know No Fear

It doesn't have quite the same appeal to me as First Strike I would say. While I can see the appeal for someone familiar with Warhammer 40,000 as it comes with kits rather than Easy To Build models I think First Strike might actually be something I'd pick up, even as a veteran of many years and editions.

What do you think of these new ways to get into the game and the aforementioned models?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Matched against him we also have the Primaris Librarian who is summoning power from the warp to render his foes into ash on the battlefield..."

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