Read Up On The Exploits Of The Last Chancers Once More

June 8, 2013 by brennon

Black Library are putting together another one of their omnibus editions and this time it's for The Last Chancers by Gav Thorpe. Take a look at the rather nice cover below...

The Last Chancers Omnibus

"Under the command of the mysterious Colonel Schafer, Lieutenant Kage and his comrades – murderers and psychopaths all – are sent on the most dangerous missions, with little chance of survival. From the tyranid-infested plains of Deliverance to the war-torn hives of Armageddon, Kage and his fellows seek their Last Chance at glory…"

A great idea for a story and it has some brilliant models to go with it too if you can scrounge back through the annuls of eBay.

This collection contains Thirteenth Legion, Kill Team, Annihilation Squad and the short stories Deliverance and Loyalty.

I have just had an amazing idea for an Only War role-playing session. Make them all Penal Legion soldiers and have them fight their way out of a worse-than-bad situation!

Don't be stealing my ideas (even though I'm stealing this one from Thorpe!)!

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