Realm Of Chaos Beasts Clash & A New House Comes To Necromunda

November 6, 2018 by brennon

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A couple of other updates came out of Games Workshop over the previous weekend that we wanted to take a closer look at. The first is for the Wrath & Rapture boxed set from Games Workshop which is one of their Realm Of Chaos releases, pitting Khorne against the most bitter enemy, Slaanesh.

Khorne has always had a grievance against the forces of Slaanesh and this set shows off one of the clashes between these two daemonic forces deep within the Realm Of Chaos. I imagine we might also see more done on this subject in the future which is nice, showing the clashes between these monstrous factions in a place where death is temporary and the battle is eternal.

Inside the set, you also get some new miniatures including some plastic Flesh Hounds...

Realm Of Chaos Flesh Hounds - Games Workshop

...and the previous teased Fiends Of Slaanesh who are about ready to spring forth from their hiding places and fight for their God/Goddess...err, something in between?

Realm Of Chaos Fiends Of Slaanesh - Games Workshop

It's interesting to see that Games Workshop is going back to these miniatures, bringing back possibly one of the most awkward to explain factions in the Warhammer Lore. The designs are a welcome upgrade from their decidedly Oldhammer iterations but it will be interesting to see if folks welcome back Slaanesh or not.

Bad Moon Rising

As well as the release of these new creatures for Realm Of Chaos we also have a new Battletome in the way for Destruction in Age Of Sigmar. The focus is going to be on Grots we hope, giving us not only some updated rules for Orruks but also the smaller gits within their force.

With what we've seen from Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault it wouldn't surprise me if we get a whole host of new releases for the forces of Destruction. Maybe we'll even see some new Ogors on the way too!

Stylish Killers

Heading to the world of Warhammer 40,000 we also saw the next gang get announced for Necromunda, House Delaque.

House Delaque Models - Games Workshop

As is befitting these killers from the Underhive they are all wearing stunning trenchcoats which is going to make them a doddle to paint. They also come armed with a range of unique weapons and as with any Necromunda kit, a whole bunch of options which will be a treat for kit bashers everywhere.

There are a lot of people who are very excited to see what House Delauque are going to be like on the tabletop and it's great that Necromunda is still getting such ardent support from both Games Workshop AND the community around the game.

Necromunda Expansion Books - Games Workshop

It's almost as if the Specialist Games were some of the most well-loved things you did Games Workshop?!

I still hold out a (vain) hope that Games Workshop will eventually turn their attention to Mordheim in one fashion or another. It wouldn't really make sense for them to do it, but I'd love to see them put the same amount of passion into some new plastic kits for those old warbands as they have with Necromunda.

Proud Warrior

As well as the releases for Necromunda we also had them showing off the event exclusive miniature for next year, another Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant.

Event Exclusive Primaris Space Marine - Games Workshop

This miniature was shown off at Adepticon this year and is indeed a very cool piece, but it would be nice to see them do something other than a Primaris Space Marine at some point. Maybe the year after next we'll see a Chaos Space Marine!

Are you excited for some of the news that came up over the weekend?

"As is befitting these killers from the Underhive they are all wearing stunning trenchcoats..."

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