Return to Your Roots With Deathwatch: First Founding

August 22, 2011 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have released information of their new upcoming supplement for Deathwatch. Delve into the secrets of the founding chapters with First Founding!

In here you will find details on the four founding chapters which have previously not appeared in the previous Deathwatch books, namely Raven Guard, Salamanders, Iron Hands and White Scars, as well new chapter specific specialities and relics for the founding chapters already existing in the game.

Alongside these will be rules detailing situations where your Deathwatch kill team will be working alongside other Space Marine chapters. Also there will be a wide selection of background information on the various chapters, allowing you to get more deeply involved with your game.

Any Deathwatch players out there think this will be a wise buy? How do you think it might affect your games? Leave us your thoughts below.

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