Weekender: Roboute Guilliman Is Back! What’s Next For Warhammer 40K?

February 11, 2017 by warzan

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We're diving into plenty of awesomeness today as we power through more from the world of tabletop gaming and give you our thoughts on all the big news from the last week or so.

Weekender: Roboute Guilliman Is Back! What's Next For Warhammer 40K?

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Sit back and relax and remember to get some comments down below so we can get chatting too!

Live Blogging & Competition Winners

First up we're letting you know that we're not going to have a Weekender next week as Justin & Ben are over in Birmingham Live Blogging Smog Con.

If you're in the area or coming to the event let us know and we'll see if we can get together a Backstager meet-up!

We also have some prizes to give away so pay attention. We're checking out the winners from Wrath Of Kings Week and those who are lucky enough to get some Mythic Battles: Pantheon miniatures and of course the big Atlas prize.

You can Claim Your Prize Here and fill in the form to get your goodies sent to you.

Don't forget to also check out the Let's Play we did with Leo and Benoit from Mythic Games this week too.

Bandua's Infinity Terrain

We're taking a look at some epic new terrain from Bandua for their Ready For Battle Range. This new set is focused around their Black Market Sector and gives you a collection of pre-painted and detailed pieces for your games of Infinity.

These are fantastic and allow you to either play with buildings on multiple levels or spread them out to create a more packed tabletop.

John's Tool!

It's time to get stuck into some more play with John's Tool this week as we look at some offerings on the hot wire front.

If you're interested in looking at Hot Wire action then check out Hot Wire Foam Factory for more.


Dive in and explore what's popped up in the news this week...

...what do you think of all of this news?

Kickstarter Time

We're getting a bit piratical as we dive into some fundraising projects on Kickstarter.

Will you be backing any of these projects?

Have a good weekend of gaming!

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