Take to the Skies in Forge World’s New Flyer

December 23, 2012 by dracs

Forge World have released a new Imperial Flyer to help your forces gain superiority over the skies.

Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter

Voss Pattern

Following the Saint-Saen Crusade’s liberation of twelve worlds in the Segmentum Obscurus, STC patterns were recovered for an air superiority fighter, smaller and more agile than the iconic Thunderbolt. The Lightning has since been disseminated to other worlds with strong ties to the Imperial Navy – notably Bakka and Hydraphur – and production has recently begun within the Segmentum Solar, resulting in the Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter.

With air support becoming an increasingly vital aspect of Warhammer 40K tactics, this latest miniature could be an all important addition to your games.

What do you guys think of the look of this new miniature?

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