More Sneaky Greenskinz Stormin’ Outta Warhammer 40k!

June 24, 2014 by brennon

With the codex on its way there are still more Orks willing to join the Waaaagh! and serve under the banner of your chosen Warboss. Grot Orderly have dug up some more White Dwarf images from Games Workshop showing off what's to come in the next wave of releases...

Waagh! Ghazghkull Supplement

We'll start things off with a look at the cover for the Waaagh! Ghazghkull Supplement which obviously allows you to field an army themed around this rather notorious Ork Warboss. He has fought many battles and indeed has his one good eye still set on Armageddon no doubt so if you fancy fighting with his boyz this could be the place to start.

Big Mek

Then we get to more characters. It looks like one of the new HQ choices is going to be this Big Mek in Mega Armour with not one, not two, but three shoulder mounted weapons. He's also got an arm filled with guns and a big clamp for...clamping? It also looks to come with that awesome little Grot Oiler so he isn't so squeaky on the battlefield.

Trukk Boyz

Deff Rolla

The vibrant toxic yelloe theme continues while looking at another pair of sets for the Orks. You have the Trukk Boyz and this massive Deff Rolla Battlewagon with many turrets atop it for a lot more needed dakka. What ever happened to Orks thinking that things went faster when they were painted red or is that just the Speed Freakz?

Meganob #1

Meganob #2

There was also a much more high quality look at a pair of Meganobz with their nasty claws and probably entirely unneeded ranged weapons. I am a firm believer in making your Ork army charge into combat and do the killing there rather than from afar. It's clearly the only way to play greenskins. Well, I guess my past Warboss leaders would say otherwise but that's just the luck of the Gods! Gork and Mork don't favour the sissy!

Have you been convinced back into the world of greenskins?

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