Which Space Hulk Video Game Have You Played?

September 12, 2014 by brennon

Space Hulk has had almost as many iterations and expansions in digital form as it has board game editions and it all started back in 1993 with a version that would probably make you sick and give you a headache nowadays...

Space Hulk (1993)

Space Hulk Screenshot #1 (1993)

Space Hulk Screenshot #2 (1993)

The game set you up in the claustrophobic confines of the Space Hulk and had you plodding along with your Terminators as Genestealers powered down the hallways towards you ready to rip your face off. It was quite cool flipping between the various cameras and trying to keep an eye on where your enemies were.

The game was insanely hard, much like the board game is considered to be, and even though you could control all of your squad you could get down in there and start shooting with your mouse so you could get that 'inside the eye of the Terminator' experience.

Space Hulk Vengeance of the Blood Angels (95-96)

Vengeance of the Blood Angels #1

Vengeance of the Blood Angels #2

Vengeance of the Blood Angels #3

The graphics then of course got better with Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels which started you off playing as a singular Terminator following your Sergeants orders and then over time you get access to other Terminators and could control them much like the original game. I remember this game popping up on the Playstation and enjoyed it a lot!

This version of the game also introduced more versions of the Genestealer like Broodlords and some strange hybrids, Chaos Space Marines, Magus and Patriarchs. It was very cool indeed!

Space Hulk Screenshot #1

Space Hulk Screenshot #2

Space Hulk Screenshot #3

Then there was quite the gap until a proper version of Space Hulk hit the digital realm once again. Full Control bought out Space Hulk which was a faithful mechanical representation of the game on PC. Despite the fact that the game was very faithful to the games mechanics the graphics were rather sub-par and some of the animations and gameplay decisions pulled people out of the experience which was a little disheartening.

The team are going back to the property with Space Hulk Ascension. This plans to add more Chapters and customisation options in terms of weapons along with more maps to play through in both single and multi-player.

Deathwing #1

Deathwing #2

Deathwing #3

One of the upcoming titles within the Space Hulk mythos is Deathwing. This, instead of being a tactical top-down command based game, is going to be a first person shooter putting you in the boots of one of these Terminators gunning down the hordes. I would assume we're going to see this be a co-operative experience where you and a few mates can go all Left 4 Dead on different maps. Hopefully it has that cool team play feeling to it and really makes you feel like a Terminator bad ass.

Dawn of War II Space Hulk

Dawn of War II Space Hulk (Zael)

If you fancy trying to mod your Dawn of War II game then you could always pop over to ModDB and download this Space Hulk modification for it! Dawn of War II is a damn fine game as it is so actually being able to try out a game of Space Hulk in it with the cool character models sounds like a perfect fit. It's certainly not going to be as solid as something like the Full Control game but might be an avenue to explore!

I'm sure most of us have played one of these iterations of Space Hulk in the digital realm and I'm really hoping that Deathwing is going to be THE experience we've been looking for when it comes to proper squad based Terminator battling vs Genestealers.

Death Angel

If you want to play Space Hulk however and you don't have a digital medium to do so then I suggest going to pick up Space Hulk: Death Angel. This card game from Fantasy Flight Games is tense, engaging, a real co-op experience and it's so small you could play it anywhere with a group of friends. We've even played it at the pub! You can even play it on your own as a solitaire experience which will stretch your strategic mind to breaking point!

Death Angel Layout

There are a number of expansions for the card game and you can check out our review of it from a few years ago to see if you like it!

Which game have you played?

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