Space Hulk Hits Games Workshop Pre-Order With Extras!

September 13, 2014 by brennon

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Games Workshop has put the rather anticipated Space Hulk up for pre-order on their website alongside a novella from Gav Thorpe exploring the Sin of Damnation story. As well as that you can check out a whole bunch of extras that bring Ultramarines, Dark Angels and Space Wolves into the conflict via digital means!

Space Hulk 2014

The first thing of note is of course Space Hulk itself which is more or less identical to the previous addition with a few more counters and different missions for you to undertake. Despite that however if you were looking for a massive overhaul you're not going to find it here. Still for those of you who missed out on it a few years ago this is your chance to pick it up.

Sin of Damnation

As well as the game there is this new novella penned by the hand of Gav Thorpe who I'm sure will put some of you edge and indeed excite others. It tells the story of Space Hulk through the eyes of the Terminators and might be quite the cool companion to your games on the tabletop.

On top of the base game and novella there are a series of digital downloads that allow you to use Ultramarines, Space Wolves and Dark Angels on the tabletop instead of Blood Angels and if you're interested in a variety of different Space Hulk scenarios then this is certainly a good stop for you.

Will you be picking it up this time around?

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