Awesome 3D Terrain For Space Hulk & Making Your Own!

September 11, 2014 by brennon

We all know that one of the big things about Space Hulk, on top of the heroic Terminator moments, is the terrain and how cool those tiles look on the tabletop. Sometimes you want to bring your games to the next level however and that means doing 3D. See what you think of a few table examples below and some suggestions for where to go to get your own Hulks sorted!

Iron Hands Space Hulk Sector

Iron Hands Space Hulk Top-Down

First up we have this grungy and dirty looking selection of Space Hulk orientated terrain from a site called Iron Hands. It seems like this is quite an ancient project but it certainly shows off what you can do to make things work as an old and disused Space Hulk. I'm a big fan of all the various rust techniques that went into making this look old and creepy and it even comes with multiple levels so you can have the feeling of Genestealers creeping around in the ceiling.

An old VCR, Armorcast parts, other bits and bobs and even Cities of Death terrain parts have gone into making that a reality and it would be cool to play on this I reckon!

Hirst Arts Checkpoint

Hirst Arts Mission Section

Hirst Arts Corridoor Section

Hirst Arts seems to be a popular choice and this massive board (cut up into sections to show off the detail) was made using their molds by chalkster212 over on their forums. This one is a lot more sparkly and brand new when compared to one you've seen above but no less cool. It was built for participation games at a convention down in Plymouth UK and I reckon that they would have had a lot of fun with this.

This terrain hasn't been built in the guise of a Space Hulk but instead has been worked on to make it game friendly. The board above is very cool looking but not exactly playable to a great degree. This one on the other hand is and has been made to fit certain missions from the book.

SLW Space Hulk Genestealers

SLW Space Hulk Genestealers & Terminators

Last but not least we have this cool looking section of Space Hulk done by the folks from the South London Warlords (yep, the guys behind Salute!). It's not clear what pieces were used to make this a reality but it once again looks like it's been done with Hirst Arts molds. The painting on this one is amazing and once again it's been made for gaming rather than show which is cool. I think the 'slice' effect on the terrain so you can see the Space Hulk like a cross-section is a perfect way of doing things. Gives it almost like a birds-eye commander view as you're playing.

Nedius 3D Space Hulk #1

Nedius 3D Space Hulk #2

Nedius 3D Space Hulk #3

Nedius has done something very cool using a mass of different terrain kits and bitz from the Warhammer 40,000 range to make his version of the Space Hulk board and once again it's quite the great looking piece of board to behold. I like the attention to detail and the dead marine you can see in the second image is just one of the cool details he'd added to the whole piece. Spent bullet casings and plenty of battle damage adorns the inside of this thing.

USA Golden Demon Duel Winner

Golden Demon Space Hulk Diorama

Space Hulk - Space Marine Terminator

For a few more ideas how about seeing what you think of a few Golden Daemon entries above that played with the Space Hulk feel. Might give you a few ideas for the kind of terrain you'd like to use on your own projects.

Some of you will then be wondering where you should go from here when making your own Space Hulk boards that take things beyond the 2D tiles and get you walking around a proper awesome looking board that's more befitting those superbly sculpted Terminators and Genestealers (I do like them a lot. So much so that I've been afraid to paint them!). Well here are some ideas...

Mold #1

Mold #2

Mold #3

The first port of call might be to check out Hirst Arts and their range of DIY molds that all have a very cool Sci-Fi feel to them. Above are just some of the floor tiles you could try out that look pretty spot on when it comes to the feel of something like Space Hulk. Each of these design packs comes with instructions for how to use them, as does their full website, so if you fancy messing about with molds this is the place to start.

Creative Gamescapes Tiles #1

Creative Gamescapes Tiles #2

A company we looked at a long time ago is Creative Gamescapes and they provide buyers with these packs of tiles that are once again perfect for making Space Hulk terrain. It's decidedly easier than trying to make it yourself with molds and as far as we can tell you can still buy them from the company website. Just make sure to have plenty of boltgun metal to drybrush this with and then of course plenty to rust it up too!

Battle Systems #1

Battle Systems #2

If you want to go away from plastic sets and painting then you might want to consider the different Sci-Fi kits that will soon be available for general sale from Battle Systems. They do some great pieces of card terrain that I think you'll agree evokes the feel of Space Hulk and if you messed around with the lighting in your gaming space you could get some cool claustrophobia going on when it comes to the tabletop side of things. I'm a big fan of their terrain and so are we. Nice and robust despite being card and a good alternative for the making of Space Hulk boards. Decidedly more cost effective too and modular!

Battlezone #1

Battlezone #2

Battlezone #3

While Mantic Games' Battlezone Terrain is meant to stand up straight there's no reason you couldn't re-purpose it to make tiles for you to play Space Hulk on as another alternative for your 3D desires. As you can see Sprue B above has some great effects on it that would work as floor tiles and then you can make interior support struts and such using the connectors and some of the thinner pieces.

The pieces on Sprue A at the bottom also lend themselves to telling a bit of a narrative as well. The bottom left piece would work well if you caused it a bit of battle damage and made it look as if something was dwelling behind or in the walls. The crossbar piece as well would go nicely over a bit of chicken wire type grating material which you could make all bust up and torn up by Genestealer claws. Plenty of possibilities.

So there you go! A few examples of Space Hulk 3D terrain and some ideas for you to try out! Do you have any cool boards you think we'd like to see or maybe some companies we missed off that would be perfect for people to try out?

Let us know in the comments below!

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