New Space Hulk Screenshots Show Genestealer Blasting Fun!

June 22, 2013 by brennon

The folks behind the new Space Hulk game are going to be at Rezzed 2013 this weekend and they are bringing with them a build of the game to play (or so I've heard!). Check out some of the screens below...

Space Hulk - Genestealer Vs Terminator

Space Hulk - Terminator

As you can see above the graphics are looking pretty swish and the gameplay nice and bloody too. Just what you want from your Space Hulk adventures!

From all we've heard the guys developing this game have gone to great lengths to preserve the quality and feel of the board game and we might have another hit on our hands much like the fantastically reviewed Warhammer Quest.

Storm Bolter or Rending Talon?

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