Space Hulk Tactics Challenge Winners Announced!

December 4, 2018 by johnlyons

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After receiving many incredible submissions to our Space Hulk Hobby Project Challenge it's time to select our winners!

Space Hulk Tactics Challenge Winners Announced!

Entries were judged for a number of different categories:

  • Best Idea - For the most imaginative Project, the one that really makes us jealous we didn't think of that first.
  • Most Skillful - For those whose painting, writing or any other hobby skills leave us in wonder.
  • Best Tutorial - We want to learn from this too! Take us through the steps for making your Space Hulk Project.
  • Judges' Favourite - The overall prize for the Project that truly caught our discerning judges' eye.

After much deliberation from our panel of expert judges we can now reveal to everyone the winners:

*Drum Roll Please*

Best Idea Winner - grimdarkness

Most Skilful Winner - Dr. Tortenkopf

Best Tutorial Winner - warhound67

As you can see the competition was fierce with many competitors putting in a serious amount of time and effort into their projects showing a high level of skill and passion for Space Hulk.

Congratulations to all the prize winners for your fantastic efforts. Be sure to check out the other entrants in the competition for their inspiring work.

Which projects have you been following?

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