Space Hulk Video Game Developer Q&A Part 1

May 4, 2013 by brennon

With a lot of different Warhammer products coming to the digital marketplace soon with Titans, Warhammer Quest and of course Space Hulk it's nice when the developers give us a bit of an insight into how things are going (hear that Games Workshop?). So check out Full Control ApS's Developer Q&A for Space Hulk above...

Space Hulk Q&A Part 1

In this first session they talk about how close the game is to the tabletop version along with the chances for multi-player and single player play and of course the idea of other Chapters in the game other than Blood Angels. Deathwing for the win?

We saw a demo of the game not long ago shown off over on Gamespot and it's certainly looking like a faithful replica of the tabletop experience. Now let's here about Warhammer Quest!

How do you think it's shaping up?

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