Space Hulk Video Game Gets Fenrisian Addition

October 11, 2013 by brennon

VG 24/7 have managed to grab a screenshot of the latest addition to the Space Hulk Video Game. The next expansion pack for the game will be Fangs of Fenris and feature a set of new skins and characters from the Space Wolves alongside three new missions in which to test their skills as Wolf Guard...

Fangs of Fenris Space Wolf Skins

As you can see above we have a very bearded fellow wielding a flame thrower. I don't imagine that's actually a very good combination when you think about it but I'm sure he has considered all the health and safety variables right?

Interestingly the developers site that the Space Wolves might have a little bit of a different play style from the standard Blood Angels quoting a new gameplay style and methodology on the classic turn based gameplay. I'll be waiting to see if that is true!

Will you be grabbing this first Chapter Pack?

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