Space Marine 2 Coming Winter AND With 3 Player Co-Op!

June 9, 2023 by brennon

Focus Home Entertainment and Saber Interactive dropped another trailer for Space Marine II yesterday which revealed more gameplay and also featured a quick look at the co-op gameplay that folks are going to be able to dive into when the game releases this Winter.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine II Co-op Campaign Reveal

The trailer shows Lieutenant Titus and two Battle Brothers holding off a Tyranid invasion and looking to kick ass and take names for The Emperor. The gameplay looks like it retains a lot of what made the original Space Marine just so good whilst also bringing a lot more visceral energy to screens.

I am loving the look of the swarming technology used to make the Tyranids feel like an insurmountable threat and Clive Standen is putting in a seriously good shift with his voice acting. It's odd hearing him rather than Mark Strong but I think Standen is going a great job of embodying Titus. It would be awesome if Rahul Kohli's Malum Caedo finds his way into the game as well from Boltgun!

Talking of Titus, we also got a bit more story in this trailer. Titus has been reinstated albeit at a lower rank than he was in the first game and it seems like there might be some distrust amongst the Ultramarines as to where Titus' loyalties lie. It will be fun to see how things unfold in Space Marine II and hopefully, we get a look at some extended gameplay footage soon.

Bring on a Winter of playing Space Marine II with a couple of buddies!

"The trailer shows Lieutenant Titus and two Battle Brothers holding off a Tyranid invasion..."

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