Space Marine Multiplayer Details & Customising Video

July 20, 2011 by brennon

We have covered a lot of Space Marine information but one of the key components we were yet to hear anything on was the multiplayer. Now however that has all changed with Relic letting loose a few bolter rounds filled with nuggets of information on what exactly we will be getting in terms of player on player action.

Space Marines multiplayer takes place in 8v8 matches between loyalist Space Marines and the traitorous Chaos Space Marines. The first mode is the bloody named Annihilation game type where the only rule is kill quicker than the other team. The second game mode is Seize Ground, where both sides have to hold areas of the multiplayer map and deny them in turn from the enemy. While both seem to be takes on staple modes from other games the fact that your playing as a Space Marine are what the developers say sets this apart from the mass amount of shooters out there.

There are three classes on offer to fans wanting to step into the ceramite boots of a Space Marine. The first is the Tactical Marine; an all round fighter with access to a wide range of weapons from bolters to melta guns. The second of the classes is the solid and reliable Devastator Marine. Equipped with Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon and even Lascannon he can bring down plenty of foes from afar. The third as you can see above is the Assault Marine. With jetpack, access to power weapons and even powerful Thunder hammers and Demon Weapons (for the Traitors among you of course) they can land in the centre of a whirling melee and deliver some serious hurt.

It seems to be shaping up quite well and with a huge wealth of customization options on offer from helmets down to the very boots your Marine wears it seems to even be a table top players dream. Oh and of course they have also added pretty much the entire Citadel paint range with which to paint your marines and make your own Chapters come to life.

Coming out September 9th this could be the awesome Space Marine game we have been needing. I know I am pretty hyped for this game, both in Campaign and in Multiplayer.

The real question is of course, Traitor or Loyalist?

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