Space Marine Trailer Posted on Kotaku

June 16, 2010 by warzan

So while the guys over at Vigil Games have posted our first look at the the MMO Dark Milleniumn, the team at Relic has updated the footage from last years E3 look at the third person shooter 'Space Marine'.

Kotaku currently have it here:

Here are a few screen shots to show how this is shaping up:

Space Marine First Person Shooter Screenshot 1

Space Marine FPS Video Game Screenshot 1

Space Marine Video Game FPS Screenshot 1

First (or in this case Third) Person Shooters have a pretty limited lifespan so we only see this as being a great asset to the hobby, and it certainly looks like its shaping up to be a razor sharp kill fest! Get ready for bolter head shots ;o) Once this launches we will hook up the studio Xbox's and hope to meet and kill a bunch of you guys on Xbox Live!

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