The Space Wolf Wulfen Return To Warhammer 40,000

February 6, 2016 by brennon

It looks like we're back looking at the Wulfen, the cursed company of the Space Wolves that were lost in the void. See what you make of these new models for Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop. I'm fairly sure that folks are going to be very divided on what they think of these sculpts...

The Wulfen

I always liked the idea of playing games with the Cursed Company ever since we found out about them. I thought they models were neat but it was very hard to get a hold of them in the end. These are obviously great for those who really want to get stuck back into the Wulfen but are the models up to snuff?


I don't think they are 'that' bad but the main model you see here, the Pack Leader, is in a pose that in no way looks useful for the battlefield. He looks like he's just doing a little dance. I do however quite like the rest of the pack and I think with an additional bit of work on the painting they could be very awesome looking on the tabletop.

Rules-wise there were some leaks about the Wulfen already with many calling them over-powered already. Well, we knew that balance wasn't really in the works from Games Workshop nowadays. Anyway - a perfect opportunity to do some gaming in the gaps for the Space Wolves?


As well as the models we have the new War Zone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen which comes in two different styles. You have the regular edition of the book...

Curse of the Wulfen

...and a second version which is the Saga Edition of the book. Both of these books give you all the rules you need for running the Wulfen in your games with some additional rules for campaigns following Logan Grimnar and his fight to return the Wulfen to the fold.]They also have updated rules for the Space Wolves in general and have some additional rules for environmental effects in your 40k games.

Curse of the Wulfen (Saga Edition)

On top of both of these editions of the Curse of the Wulfen we also have the Chaos Daemons Grimoire which takes all of the rules from this book on Chaos and separates them into one place so you don't have to bother with the loyalists if you're a follower of the Dark Gods. A neat idea...

Chaos Daemons Grimoire

I could certainly see the reasoning behind doing this as there were plenty of people who would have loved the demon rules and really didn't want to get a book full of werewolves in order to learn about some of the new rules.

Will you be picking up the new Wulfen?

"...a perfect opportunity to do some gaming in the gaps for the Space Wolves?"

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