More Space Wolves and Thunderwolves!

February 23, 2012 by beerogre

That's right... you've seen some of the releases for the Space Wolves and Tyranids due out next month... but would you like to see some more?

First up we have the mighty Wolf Lord mounted on his fearsome Thunderwolf!

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf & Thunderwolf Cavalry

This guy will be Finecast and he's packing a Storm Shield and Frost Axe... better yet, you get the beat-up body of a Thousand Sons Chaos Marine to stick to your base... does that suggest there will be an injection of new life into the armies of Chaos this year?

Next we have Darrell's favourite... the mighty Arjac Rockfist... slayer of so many of Darrell's enemies, his number of victories are not easily counted!

Arjac Rockfist & fenrisian wolves

Another two Finecast releases will be the Grey Hunter with a Wolf Standard and a brand new Cyber-Wolf model...

Grey Hunter with a Wolf Standard & Cyber-Wolf

All of the releases mentioned above, will be in Finecast and all of the existing characters and single models that you've already seen on the GW website will be transferred to the bubbly-grey-stuff, which I know will be disappointing many of you.

However, on the up-side, the Wolves have now some of their most popular and a iconic characters and units in all their glory!

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