Start The Sanctus Reach Warhammer 40,000 Campaign Soon

July 5, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop are delaying the coming of a new army with a quiet week where instead they unleash a campaign book on us all, Sanctus Reach: The Red Waaagh!, alongside Evil Sun Rising which is a novel setting the scene for the events that unfold. You can even collect them together in Sanctus Reach Volume I...

The Red Waaagh!

The Red Waaagh! brings you...

A 112-page hardback book introducing the Sanctus Reach campaign. Inside you will find: Waaagh! Grukk, which is the story of the Red Waagh! and its attack upon Alaric Prime. There are twelve scenarios that allow you to refight the battles of the Red Waaagh! and five datasheets that provide detailed rules for famous formations that fought in the war for Alaric Prime.

Evil Sun Rising

While Evil Sun Rising by Guy Haley covers the narrative...

As the Red Waargh! Engulfs the Sanctus Reach, orks flock to Warlord Grukk’s banner, Big Mek Uggrim and his Red sunz amongst them. But even with plenty of humans to kill, the orks can’t help fighting amongst themselves, encouraged by the psychotically unstable Grukk. The Red Sunz soon find themselves having to contend with the the attentions of Mogrok, another Big Mek who covets Uggrim’s creations. Beset by conflict with the Imperium, their rivals and each other the Red Sunz prepare for the fight of their lives.

So you'll be getting a bit of narrative and a bit of gameplay too from this combined set which can be collected together into Volume I as mentioned above.

Sanctus Reach Volume I

This then appears to be the beginning of a longer running campaign set which charts the fortunes of all factions caught in the conflict. It will be interesting to see this kind of thing cover different factions and different worlds and maybe even head into the world of Warhammer Fantasy too. I'd love a book AND a campaign to play out, much like Sigmar's Blood.

Within the book you have loads of datasheets and also  fully updated rules for Planetstrike and Planetfall missions.

Do you think you'll pick this up?

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