Step Inside a Baneblade at Black Library

April 2, 2013 by dracs

Black Library are bringing out a new book based around the crew of one of the Imperial Guard's most iconic machines of war, the Baneblade!


This book, written by Guy Haley, centres around a Baneblade crew wielding their mighty vehicle of destruction against the orks. Yet as the battle rages on with little sign of reprieve old divisions between the crew. In a force where unity of purpose and team work can be the difference between life and death, such divisions could quickly doom them all.

I think this is probably the most interesting book I have heard of from Black Library for a while. The focus seems very much to be upon this group of characters, stuck together in the confines of a war machine, and the toll events has upon them. It seems like it may be more of a character study than other books based in the 40k world and it promises to be a refreshing approach in a setting that can sometimes become stale.

Do you guys think this has promise? Will you be picking it up from Black Library?

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