Swing Batter Batter Swing! Ferrus Manus Is In Town

September 20, 2013 by brennon

Forge World have sent out a new vox-message to the people and this time it involves details of the indomitable Ferrus Manus who will be smacking things about with his hammer come Games Day 2013.

Ferrus Manus #1

Ferrus Manus Unpainted

Ferrus Manus #2

This titanic slayer of all things is one hell of a champion and stands taller and broader than most of his Primach brothers in arms. I wouldn't like to annoy him even on one of his good days.

Ferrus Manus Vs Fulgrim

He also fits in nicely with the masterful sculpt of Fulgrim that they presented to us not long ago. That's quite the awesome duel and certainly one worth reading about if you find the time.

Are all your Horus Heresy nuts excited about picking this fellow up?

Drop a comment and a hammer blow below.

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