Symbols of Purity

March 8, 2011 by beerogre

With Grey Knights looming large on the horizon, it's not surprising that some smaller companies have begun to produce a bit of "inspired by" add-ons that would be suitable for a force of grey-clad, armoured, sci-fi, warrior monks.

Here's some purity banners from Tabletop Art that would fit the bill. Hopefully they'll scratch your Grey Knight itch until we can get some images of something a bit more exciting.

If you check out the Tabletop Artswebsite, you'll also see some gothic sci-fi shields and other bits and bobs.

I've even seen some 54mm "sci-fi warriors" that look a bit like a certain line of Space Marines... at 54mm would they be the correct scale to act as a Primarch in an Apocalypse game?

BoW Andy

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