New Tau Codex, Campaign Book & Commander Ready For Pre-Order

October 24, 2015 by brennon

There is a massive amount of new Tau Empire paraphernalia dropping onto the tabletop over this week and next from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000. As well as a Codex they also have the Kauyon Campaign Book, a new Tau Coldstar Battlesuit and a few extra bits of pieces on top of that...

Tau Codex

The Tau Codex comes in its rather familiar two flavours. There is the Standard Codex and the Limited Edition one giving you an in-depth look at the statistics and background of this still relatively new Warhammer 40,000 army.

Limited Edition Codex

The Limited Edition version of the Codex contains...

  • The full hardback Codex: Tau Empire
  • An individually numbered, beautifully produced box
  • Six metal Tactical Objective markers
  • Thirty-six Tactical Objective cards
  • Map-scale Codex cover artwork

While the updated basic Codex continues with the same format but adds in some of that new technology that you've been seeing over the past few weeks.

Codex Tau Empire

I'm sure by now however you all know what to expect from a Codex however but will you be getting this or have the new Tau releases not really grabbed you?

War Zone Damocles: Kauyon Campaign

This new Campaign Book sets the stage for a battle between the Space Marines and the Tau Empire over the Fortress World of Prefectia...


"The Tau Empire has invaded Prefectia with an unprecedented display of force, intending to harness the incredible geo-electric potential of this fortress world to power their increasing incursions into the domain of the Imperium.

Of course, this aggression cannot go unanswered - the Adeptus Astartes soon launch a blistering planetstrike that quickly becomes an uncontrollable, world-spanning war.

They may have met their match, however, in the Fire Caste’s greatest mind; Commander Shadowsun, heroine of the Greater Good and master of the strategy known as Kauyon."

...which all sounds very neat indeed. I always like seeing this narrative angle from Games Workshop and I'm sure to a lot of Tau fans this is going to be a welcome addition to their collection. Oddly enough I actually have a Shadowsun model from when she first came out and I never got round to painting here simply because she was too fiddly for me to stick together!

White Scars

To face off against the Tau Games Workshop have also bundled together a White Scars force which is titled the Pursuers Of The Ethereals.

Tau Commander

Mounted up inside this new Coldstar Battlesuit this flying Commander is going to be tough to deal with on the battlefield. It was about time that the Tau got a Battlesuit on this level that was a little bit more powerful and looked like it could withstand a bit more punishment.

Tau Empire Commander #1

Tau Empire Commander #2

I like the design of the Tau overall and I think this more agile Battlesuit fits the bill a lot better than some of their bigger walkers they have been getting recently. I don't think of the Tau as this stationary army with big guns, I see them as incredibly mobile and able to adapt while working as a cohesive army. A finesse force I guess you would label them as.

You can also get new Data Cards, Drone Packs and Transfer Sheets for the Tau if you need to bulk up your force with some accessories.

What do you think of these new offerings?

"I always like seeing this narrative angle from Games Workshop and I'm sure to a lot of Tau fans this is going to be a welcome addition to their collection..."

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