A Tau Crisis Ahead from Chapterhouse Studios

May 8, 2012 by brennon

Just as I dig out my Tau Empire army to once again grace the battlefield of the 41st Millennium I see Chapterhouse Studios releasing a set of Alternative Heads for Crisis Suits!

Tau Battlesuit Head Set #1

Tau Battlesuit Head Set #2

And if you would like to see just how these fit with the models, Chapterhouse have kindly provided some examples! These helmets are looking pretty fantastic. I especially love the red and black one from the first set although every one of them could be used to tell some kind of story.

Tau Crisis Suit Example #1

Tau Crisis Suit Example #2

Some awesome components again from alternative studios for the Games Workshop line. This is also probably going to spur me back into finishing my Tau Empire. For the Greater Good!

What do you make of these components?

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