Tau Get Some New Tech from Forge World

October 14, 2013 by dracs

It seems that the Tau are in need of even firepower as a mighty new battlesuit has appeared from Forge World. The Tau XV107 R’varna Battlesuit.


R'varna SideR'varna 2

R'varna Close

R'varna Close 2

A variant upon the Riptide, the R'Varna sports some heavier armour. This makes it a bit less mobile but does mean more protection. It also wields some heavier weaponry, in the form of two experimental pulse submunition cannons! All in all a pretty nasty piece of kit.

The sculpt is fairly nice too. It maintanes the imposing size of the Riptide, but has done away with that comical, tiny camera head perched ontop. Definitely a nice Tau addition from Forge World.

Will this be joining your battles for the Greater Good?

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