Torquemada Shapes Up for Lord Inquisitor

April 17, 2012 by dracs

Fan made film The Lord Inquisitor is continuing to progress, with creator Erasmus Brosdau putting up two new vids to take us eager fans through the process of sculpting Torquemada's armour.

The first video takes us through the sculpting process that goes into creating the armour.

Lord Inquisitor - Sculpting Chest plate

Its only when you see the creative process behind it that you really get a sense of the level of detail that goes into these.

This sculpting video is quickly followed by one taking us through the texturing process, getting that armour to look just that bit cooler.

Lord Inquisitor - Armour Texture

These are Erasmus' first audio guides to his creative process and I hope he keeps them coming as they definitely provide a valuable insight into this ambitious project.

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