Towering Knights On The Horizon For Warhammer 40,000

February 17, 2014 by brennon

Not to be outdone by Warhammer Fantasy there have been some leaks concerning the next steps for Warhammer 40,000 surfacing on the internet. See what you think of these mighty Imperial Knights originally sourced from 40k Radio...

Knight Errant (Red)

Knight Paladin Vs Avatar

Imperial Knight (Blue)

These Knights, the Paladin and the Errant are part of a new codex that brings these super heavies to the battlefield. I was looking at these to begin with and almost immediately dismissed them but I think that on closer inspection they aren't too bad. The Knight Paladin is certainly the better looking of the two in my opinion but both are very ostentatious.

As well as the Imperial Knights there is also a selection of Imperial Guardsmen on the way including a new tank, plastic Stormtroopers and plastic Ogryns, now called 'Bullgryns'. The Legion of the Damned is also getting itself a digital codex so you can use these flame wreathed Space Marines as their own force I imagine.

On the rumour front 7th Edition is also touted for later on this year and a very plastic-centric release of the new Space Orks.

It's certainly looking like this new schedule of releases for Games Workshop could see both sides of the hobby being bolstered quickly.

Do you like the Imperial Knights?

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