Biting Squirrel’s Tyranid Army List… Dissected!

October 31, 2011 by beerogre

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Andy and Darrell take a look at the Tyranid Army list submitted by @bitingsquirrel0, one of the hundreds of fans who have sent in army lists to try to get on the new Enlisted show.

What do you guys think? How would you change this list to make it tougher and more effective?

Remember, you can send us an army list for ANY of the games we cover and we'll try to get it on the show, but be warned! There have been so many submissions that it's going to take some time getting through them, so only the best (or worst) will be getting on the show!

You can send your lists to [email protected]

Biting Squirrel's Tyranid Army List... Dissected!

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