Tyranid Tyrannocyte Sighted For Warhammer 40k! [Updated!]

November 4, 2014 by brennon

The Tyranids will be dropping in greater numbers with yet another sighting out in deep space. Instead of being disgorged from some lumbering beast they will be coming down in Tyrannocyte 'drop pods' right into your deployment zone...


As you can see they're pretty nifty looking things that remind me a lot of the big floating creatures in Starcraft, the name of which escapes me. They come equipped with five deathspitters, can land and drop twenty lovely critters and then walk around the battlefield making a nuisance of itself.

Mucolid Spore Cluster


As well as the Tyrannocyte there are also images and some fuzzy rules for the Mucolid Spore Cluster and the Sporocyst. Each is giving the Tyranids a whole host of new options.



Tyranid Spores

The idea of a swarm of Tyranids just descending on the battlefield is an interesting one and it will be good to see what other folks think about this addition to their bug army.

Let us know.

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