Tyranids Descend & Dark Vengeance Expands For Warhammer 40k!

November 8, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop have added to their collection of Tyranids monstrosities with the Tyrannocyte and Sporocyte/Mucolid kits hitting their webstore for you to absorb into your hive mind! See what you think of the two kits below...


Sporocyte & Mucolid

The first kit is the Tyrannocyte and the second features the Sporocyte/Mucolid combination. It's weird that now I see them in this clearer presentation style I can't help but think of the Zerg from Starcraft and also more comically the Mars Attacks creatures for some reason! Either way I think maybe that's just my mind playing tricks on me as they appeared to be rather cool gribbly additions to the Tyranid arsenal when I saw them in the leaks.

Dark Angels

Crimson Slaughter

If you're looking to add to the forces you accrued in Dark Vengeance then you'll also be interested in the two new add-on boxed sets that Games Workshop have put together for both the Chaos Space Marines and Dark Angels included in the box. When you look at the pricing, which we usually don't talk about, these might actually be worth the money although that's maybe saying something when we consider Games Workshop prices reasonable.

Will you be adding to either your Tyranid, Chaos Space Marine or Dark Angel forces?

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