Tyranids Begin to Infiltrate The Lord Inquisitor

September 11, 2013 by dracs

Over on Facebook what is reportedly the latest WIP for Warhammer 40k fan film The Lord Inquisitor has appeared. It is a Tyranid, but unlike any we have seen before.

The Lord Inquisitor Tyrannid WIP

That is, I believe, a Genestealer and it is genuinely frightening in appearance! Sculpted by Farhad Nojumi, this xenos will hopefully be appearing in The Lord Inquisitor film, where the magic of animation will make it even scarier.

The design of the Genestealer is intriguingly human, reminding me of the background of  Genestealers and how they got their name in the first place. Genestealers have always been to me the scariest of the Tyranids and that is the reason! A reason this CGI render seems to embody.

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