New Tyranids & Space Wolves due in March

February 23, 2012 by brennon

You heard it right, another leak of White Dwarf reveals that the releases forย Games Workshop in March will be for both the Tyranids and Space Wolves. Check out some of the scans below...

New Tyranids & Space Wolves Due in March

New Tyranids & Space Wolves Due in March

Not only has the long awaited Thunderwolf Cavalry finally made it out into the hobby-verse but a bunch of other Fenrisian delights. Plenty of wolves and recast heroes on top of other Space Wolves to bump up your forces of The Fang. Even Darrell's favourite Arjac Rockfist is ready to go.

New Tyranids & Space Wolves Due in March

On the Tyranid front is plenty of new gribbly monsters. New huge Tyrants and Swarmlords guarded by many more of the swarm. The massive beast is the Tyrannofex/Tervigon mix, ready to either disgorge a slick mass of gaunts or blast their way through your terrified infantry.


Tyrannofex & Hive Tyrant / Swarm-Lord

On top of all the Warhammer 40,000 releases the Hellcannon is getting a revamp ready for your games of Warhammer.ย The real question however is just which of the two Sci-Fi armies are you going to plump for?

Scans via Warseer.

Read the full list of releases and prices right here on the forums.

Tyranids or Space Wolves?

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