Beasts of War 40K Titan Challenge

August 26, 2011 by beerogre

With the new 6th edition of Warhammer 40K rumoured to be next year's big release... we've already started work on our new 40K coverage... and with all the 40K excitement we decided we would launch the biggest Warhammer 40K community challenge (engage Jeremy Clarkson voice)... IN THE WORLD!

It's mammoth... it's mega... it's apocalyptic in scale!

Hold on to your trousers because Beasts of War are giving away... FORGE WORLD TITANS!!!

Win a 40K Titan

Never let it be said that Beasts of War don't do the best wargaming prizes on the net and we mean right across the internet, because that's where we'll be holding the competition.

We want to get to 40,000 friends, subscribers and followers on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter... and when we do... we'll start giving away Forge World Titans!

(of course we'll be doing some cool videos with them first... so everyone gets to see them!)

But not just one... oh no... it's a race, some might say a war, and there will be a first, second and third prize!


The first one of the three communities to reach 40,000 will have one of its friends, subscribers or followers, randomly selected to receive a Forge World Reaver Titan (or a Chaos Reaver, if you prefer).


When the second community hits 40,000 then we'll randomly select one lucky fan from that list of friends, subscribers or followers, to receive a Forge World Warhound Titan.

Ork Stompa

Finally, when the last one hits 40,000 we'll be giving away, to one lucky friend, subscriber or follower... not one... but two Ork Stompas!

(one built and painted by the fabulous John and the other factory fresh and in the box!)

We want to stomp FacebookYouTube and Twitter and we think the best way to do it is with TITANS!!!

So this is a war between the social networks... which side will you be on?

Or will you be devious and join all three!

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