Warhammer Animation, Primarchs & Fabius Bile Returns To 40K

March 30, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop also took some time to dive in and show off some of the new bits and pieces coming to Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy too. We start with a peek at some animation that the Warhammer Storyforge have in the works. Here is the trailer for Hammer & Bolter: Death's Hand.

Death's Hand Trailer Image

Watch The Trailer Here

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Now, this is what I wanted to see when they mentioned Warhammer and animation in the same breath. I'm all for 3D-based work and special effects but there is something about this traditional hand-drawn style which really suits the grimdark future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. As Games Workshop said in their preview...

"This tale is gory, grim and dark, full of the back-stabbing and clandestine skullduggery that happens in the unseen corners of the Imperium to maintain the power behind the Golden Throne."

Sounds perfect and as its an anthology we should hopefully get a nice range of different stories and plenty of different animation styles to watch. I will be keeping an eye out for where they pop this when it's finished. I'm hoping it's going to be a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Fabius Bile Returns

Stepping away from animation and down to the tabletop we were also introduced to the infamous Fabius Bile who is tinkering with all manner of experiments in service to himself and the Dark Gods of course.

Fabius Bile Trailer Image

Watch The Trailer Here

As the last of the original Chaos Space Marine characters to get an upgrade, Fabius Bile is spoiling to dive in and tinker with those left behind in the wake of Abaddon The Despoiler's conquest. I'm sure he will be tinkering with the genetic make-up of those Primaris Space Marines who fall during the fighting in order to craft new and deadly warriors to serve at his side.

Fabius Bile - Games Workshop

I like that this miniature has kept a lot of what was cool about the original and build on it in a neat way. The proportions are much more well balanced and the air of superiority cascades off him. I do wonder what he will be getting up too when the next Psychic Awakening book hits in the near future.

The Lion Awakens

Going back in history, Games Workshop also showed off the sculpt for the new Lion El'Jonson miniature from Forge World. The First Primarch will also be coming to the tabletop soon, ready to hunt down heretics and turncoats as a grimdark knight.

Lion El Jonson - Forge World

Watch The Trailer Here

You can take a peek at one version of the model down below which presents him with the Wolf Blade. In this version of the model, he also comes with his full helmet which makes him look like a proper old school knight. You can also get him sans helmet and wielding the Lion Blade instead.

The big decorative base shows him slaying Night Lords during the Thramas Campaign but you could change it to show him cutting down traitors of all stripes. So, if you're looking to dive in and paint up another masterful Primarch then you shouldn't have long to wait.

There is quite a lot for you to dive in and tinker with for the grimdark future so make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Do you like the animation style we're seeing here?

"This tale is gory, grim and dark, full of the back-stabbing and clandestine skullduggery..."

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