Warhammer+ Price & Details Revealed; Worth The Investment?

June 24, 2021 by brennon

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Warhammer+ has now been revealed in full by the folks at Games Workshop. Launching on 25th August, Warhammer+ is going to be a repository for their Warhammer Animations as well as a new selection of in-house shows and more digital content.

Warhammer Plus Reveal - Games Workshop

Warhammer+ Reveal // Games Workshop

To start with, the price. As you can see above, you can either sign up to Warhammer+ for £4.99 a month or £49.99 for a full year. Included within that subscription you'll get access to everything you see above including one of the two exclusive miniatures.

Warhammer+ Reveal Trailer // Games Workshop

One of the core selling points of Warhammer+ was access to those new animations. Angels Of Death and Hammer & Bolter will be available from the beginning with a semi-regular release each week. Additional shows will be added into the mix as and when they become available and will follow a similar format, a weekly release with episodes coming in around the fifteen-minute mark. Not too bad.

Original Shows

As well as the Warhammer Animations, Warhammer+ will also offer a set of three (for now) shows that have been filmed and produced by Games Workshop. The first of these is Citadel Masterclass hosted by Louise Sugden. She will be teaching new and in-depth painting techniques.

Citadel Masterclass - Games Workshop

Citadel Masterclass // Games Workshop

Next up, we have Battle Report. Patrick Price will be playing out Matched Play games of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar plus diving into big narrative games too.

Battle Reports - Games Workshop

Battle Reports // Games Workshop

Both of these shows will be filmed in their fancy new studios which you can see previewed in the video above. I am very interested to see what the quality of these is like and how they present both their games and tutorials. Battle Reports are a hard thing to film as we very well know!

Finally, Wade Pryce will be helming the show that I'm most interested to watch. Loremasters will delve into the fluff and background of The Grimdark Future and The Mortal Realms.

Loremasters - Games Workshop

Loremasters // Games Workshop

I think this could be fun to have on in the background whilst you're doing a bit of painting or hobbying. It will be interesting to see how deep they go and what they consider to be the "facts" as it were. One of the best things about loving Warhammer is that the lore is constantly in flux and pretty slapdash (lovely arguments incoming...) so the stories they tell here could be fun to follow.

The Warhammer Vault & App Support

As well as the new shows, Games Workshop is also going to be folding the Warhammer 40,000 App and a new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar App into their subscription service. These will work more or less as they have before, allowing you to access Warscrolls and Datasheets and do a bit of army building.

You will also be able to access the Warhammer Vault. This includes dozens and dozens of past publications from Games Workshop which have now been digitised. Want to read an out-of-date scenario book from two editions ago? You got it! I do like that they're putting lots of old White Dwarf magazines into the mix though. It might be fun for those who want to seek out that old bit of lore to inspire a new army.

Warhammer+ Miniatures

Subscribing to Warhammer+ also gets you access to one of two exclusive miniatures. If you subscribe for a full year (and you MUST be subscribed for a year) you'll get either this Orruk Megaboss...

Orruk Megaboss - Games Workshop

Orruk Megaboss // Games Workshop

...or this Vindicare Assassin for "free" Well, more of a loyalty scheme than anything I guess. The miniature will be sent to you as you hit that year mark and then each year there will be another miniature for you to pick up.

Vindicare Assassin - Games Workshop

Vindicare Assassin // Games Workshop

If you like both miniatures, don't worry, the one you don't pick is going to be made available for you to buy separately. I think a lot of people are going to pick the Vindicare Assassin but I quite like the Orruk Megaboss.

Worth The Price?

Well, the proof will be in the pudding but I will cautiously say yes. For £4.99 you're getting access to the two Apps which is reason enough if you're a big Warhammer wargamer. Add onto that the in-house shows, the Warhammer Vault, the miniatures and the animations and you've got a pretty tidy package.

I am interested to see how the additional offers and discounts shake out. Games Workshop isn't known for doing that kind of thing so I do wonder what they have in mind. I'm of a mind to try it at the very least. I quite like the sound of the new shows they've planned at the very least.

I wouldn't begrudge you waiting to see how it works out though. The delivery of all of this has got to be on point. Sure, they've promised a lot of good stuff but it has to be made available in a way that slick and easy to use.

Are you tempted by Warhammer+?

"The delivery of all of this has got to be on point..."

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