Wolves & Sorcerers; New Start Collecting Forces For 40K

July 8, 2019 by brennon

Two new Start Collecting forces are going to be added into the mix for those looking to dip into Warhammer 40,000 this weekend. The first of these is for the Thousand Sons and the forces of Chaos.

Thousand Sons Starter Set - Warhammer 40K

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The set comes with a good amount of stuff to get you started in the game. As well as your set of core Rubric Marines and the Tzaangors you also get the Arch-Sorcerer himself, Ahriman. It's pretty awesome that you get such an iconic character in the box to lead the way.

The shimmering blue armour of the Thousand Sons will be a joy to paint for someone new to the hobby and having the Tzaangors in there too helps you test your skills on both organic and synthetic materials. With the advent of those new Contrast paints too you could get a good look for the Thousand Sons by adding the blue over the top of a metallic undercoat.

There Are No Wolves On Fenris...

An ancient foe of the Thousand Sons has also been given a new Start Collecting force. The Primaris Space Wolves set will also be up for pre-order this weekend.

Primaris Space Wolves Starter Set - Warhammer 40K

This set gives you a set of regular Intercessors alongside the Aggressors for a bit of extra close combat heft and finally the Primaris Battle Leader to lead them into a scrap. I think it would be rather cool to see these warriors face off against the Thousand Sons set, reigniting an ancient feud that has lasted for thousands of years.

Whilst it's not got much of the character of a Space Wolf force about it, it gives you a good starting point with some core troops to start building on it later down the line.

Mastering The Webway

As well as these two new Start Collecting forces, Aeldari lovers will be able to pick up the Spiritseer who was previously locked away within the Wake The Dead boxed set.

Aeldari Spiritseer - Warhammer 40K

It is a rather cool looking leader model for your force although it seems even the Aeldari, ancient as they are, will join in with a bit of foot-on-rock love once in a while. I reckon this Spiritseer would look great in the colours of Iyanden (yellow and blue), leading a ghostly force of lost Aeldari souls into battle.

There's plenty to get excited about if you like a bit of Warhammer 40,000 this weekend.

Which Start Collecting force would you go for?

"Which Start Collecting force would you go for?"

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