Black Library Detail The Warhammer End Times In A Week Of Short Stories

February 24, 2015 by brennon

The Warhammer End Times are upon us from Games Workshop and Black Library have been following the narrative with their own novels too. This week however marks the unraveling of a new set of Short Stories that will come out each day...

With Ice & Sword

Things were kicked off yesterday with Ice & Sword...

"The End Times are coming. The north has fallen. Kislev, that proud nation that for centuries has stood as a bulwark between Sigmar’s Empire and the hordes of Chaos, is no more. Scattered refugees seek to survive in the icy wilderness, hunted by beastmen and Chaos Warriors. One such band is joined by a Knight of the Empire on a very important mission – to locate the Ice Queen, if she still lives, and deliver her to the Empire."

...and was followed up today by Marienburg's Stand.

Marienburg's Stand

"The End Times are coming. When death falls upon the free city of Marienburg, in the form of the hordes of Chaos commanded by the dread Glottkin, the fractious citizens of the town must rally together to hold the foe back. Unexpected aid, in the form of the vampire gangster Mundvard the Cruel, comes, but can the citizens of Marienburg accept it? Will they be damned by association with the vile undead, or will they forfeit their lives – and souls – to Chaos?"

But that's not all. As well as these two stories you can either get another story each day as part of a subscription or just buy these tales by themselves if you don't want to know the other perspectives. On the cards we have Bride of Khaine, Gotrek & Felix: Rememberers, and finally the Siege of Naggarond.

One assumes this is all leading up to the big reveals at the end of the Archaon End Times book which will be with us shortly. Considering the fact that Black Library's dynamic duo in Gotrek & Felix have been mentioned yet again I would love to see them get new rules!

Will you be reading these short stories?

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"On the cards we have Bride of Khaine, Gotrek & Felix: Rememberers, and finally the Siege of Naggarond."

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