Black Library Unleash The Wolf Of Sigmar Soon

December 21, 2013 by brennon

Black Library are doing their Time of Legends within the Warhammer world series right and the concluding chapter in the The Black Plague trilogy will be coming in January. The Wolf of Sigmar will rise.

Wolf of Sigmar

C.L.Werner has so far penned an astounding first two books and this third one sounds like it's going to be a brilliant continuation of form...

"The Black Plague has done its work, and the ravaged Empire is ripe for the picking. As the dread armies of the skaven sweep across Sigmar’s realm, each of the great cities looks to its own defence – except Middenheim. As he gathers warriors to his banner and liberates towns and villages from the verminous menace, Graf Mandred begins to embrace his destiny as the future leader of a united Empire – if he can survive the trials to come."

Brilliant stuff. I can't wait to read this and while there are other books in the Time of Legends series worth a read this trilogy has got pretty much everything. Undead, Skaven, Empire in-fighting (it's all kicking off) and more.

Give it a read.

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