The Black Plague Saga Continues From Black Library

July 16, 2013 by brennon

C L Werner is one of the best writers in the Black Library family, in my opinion at least, and his work on The Black Plague trilogy for Time of Legends has been an awesome ride so far. So, when I found the cover art for the third book I had to show it off...

Wolf of Sigmar Cover

The cover of Wolf of Sigmar appeared on Amazon, which is always a good source of clues when you're looking at what's next from Black Library. It features on the cover Warlord Vrrmik of Clan Mors. Skaven are a race that Werner loves to write about and he does it very well indeed.

I highly recommend this series which incidentally has had all new cover art over the past month or so. Dead Winter and Blighted Empire are great reads around the time of unrest filled with Skaven, Necromancers and brave Middenheim princes.

Have you read this series?

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