Bring Triumph & Treachery to Warhammer Fantasy

October 29, 2013 by dracs

Warhammer Fantasy is, and forever will be, my first love in gaming, so the addition of a new supplement should be an interesting addition to my games. Get ready as Games Workshop bring Triumph and Treachery to Warhammer Fantasy.

Triumph and Treachery

Triumph and Treachery Open

This new expansion for Warhammer provides players with rules for playing games with three to five players, bringing to play all manner of sneaky, underhanded tactics like bribery and the hiring of mercenaries.

The book itself looks top notch and comes with a deck of 36 Treachery cards and a drawstring bag of Victory Tokens, which allow you to keep track of the game as well be spent on bribes.

Victory Tokens

Treachery Deck

At first the idea of a seperate set of rules for gaming with more players seems kind of superfluous. The Warhammer rules are already easily adaptable to larger games and such games are always good fun to play.

Triumph and Treachery Expansion

However, the inclusion of underhanded tactics is something I particularly like the sound of. Using dirty tricks like bribery fits in well with the Warhammer world and adds an extra layer of narrative to the game, always a plus in my opinion. I am particularly hopeful about the inclusion of mercenaries, as the presence of the Dogs of War has been something I have sorely missed in Warhammer Fantasy.

What do you guys think? Is this ultimately unneeded, or will it prove a fun addition to your gaming?

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