Begin The Cataclysm Of The Old World In Warhammer: Invasion

February 7, 2013 by brennon

Warhammer: Invasion is one of the most successful card games out there, and its especially good at mirroring the constant war and strife that features in the Old World. Now Fantasy Flight Games are looking to unleash a might multiplayer battle with their new expansion, Cataclysm...

Cataclysm Expansion

Battles are rarely fought between just two combatants, especially in the Warhammer world, even if it is easier to create rules for just that. Cataclysm hopes to expand the experience to engage multiple players and with it comes new mechanics, new cards, and something grabbed from the pages of Storm of Magic...

Card Fan

Battleboard Preview

Instead of simply burning sections of the other players capital (although that still is a main feature of the game) you will have to fight for control of various sights of power around the Old World, known as Fulcrums. Anyone who has played Storm of Magic is already probably quite familiar with this.

Combined with all of the previous battle packs and deluxe expansions this could be a massive hit for Warhammer: Invasion fans. I am certainly interested in seeing how it all pans out as I love this game.

Will you be fighting for the Old World?

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