Celebrate Christmas With Gotrek and Felix

December 17, 2012 by dracs

Warhammer's very own un-dynamic duo have returned in Black Library's new short story eBook released for the 17th Advent Day.

The Contest

The Old World’s greatest adventuring duo return! When a night in a tavern turns nasty, Gotrek is forced to take part in a competition of skill, daring and determination. Can he survive... the contest?

Gotrek and Felix were the first set of Warhammer Fantasy novels I read so I will definitely be downloading this and giving it a read.

Now this isn't the only short story Black Library have available for you. A new one is being released for each day of the advent period. Here are just a couple which are currently available.

Riddle of the Scorpions

Strike and Fade

Now not all of these are in standard eBook format. Strike and Fade, for example, is available as an audio file.

With all of these new stories appearing on Black Library you will definitely not be stuck for something to read this season.

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