New Chaos Additions from Forge World

April 13, 2011 by beerogre

Check out these new resin addtions to the hordes of Chaos from Forge World... first up is Tamurkhan on his Toad Dragon... here's what Forge World have to say about him.

The fell legend of Tamurkhan has been whispered for many centuries amongst the nefarious tribes of the Chaos Wastes. Some tales speak of him as a scion of the Great Kurgan, one of four sons each cast to the four winds to conquer and enslave. Others claim that he was once no more than vermin – a corpse-canker grown fat and clever on the spoils of the battlefield, swelled and transformed by the light of the Ruinous Powers. Perhaps the most fell creature under his command is the mighty Toad Dragon Bubebolos, a huge, reeking, primeval horror and greatest of all its bloated kind. Blessedly few in number, the Toad Dragons are lumbering horrors from a forgotten age whose flesh festers with unwholesome rot and whose black blood is clotted with maggots and carrion worms.

Followed by Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw!

Sayl is pre-eminent among the Dolgan tribe, and his rise to ascendancy began with his allegiance to Schalkain the Vile, as one of his seven seer-apprentices. Sayl’s honeyed lies turned each acolyte against the others, and fanned the flames of suspicion into murderous strife. Eventually Schalkain was manipulated into conducting a dark rite involving Sayl and three fellow ‘loyal’ apprentices which resulted in Schalkain’s horrific death at the hands of a daemon beholden to Sayl, while the three surviving acolytes were twisted into a terrible beast known as Nightmaw. Hated and feared, Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw now march alongside Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord.

Here's the experimental rules for Sayl and Tamurkhan, you can download them by clicking the links.

What do you think guys?

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