Charity & Warhammer At The Battle For Sofia Event!

September 2, 2013 by brennon

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Beasts of War community member tinracer is going to be heading up a charity event where his club plays a forty eight hour endurance game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle...

Battle for Sofia

From the press release...

"An Oxfordshire-based wargaming club are set to play the popular tabletop game; Warhammer Fantasy, in an endurance marathon for 48 hours in a bid to raise donations for Sophia's Stepping Stones – a young Witney resident with Spastic Diplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy, in need of a crucial operation and months of post op physio. The event, dubbed ‘The Battle for Sophia’ will take place Friday 25 to Sunday 27 October, at the club’s headquarters in Carterton.

The tabletop game will play continuously for 48 hours with players taking shifts, and will be broadcast live over the web for supporters to see the action progressing. The game will be played on a massive 12’ by 4’ table, will use more than 50 terrain pieces and over 2000 miniatures, many of which have been beautifully hand-painted.

Club Chairman and organiser of the event, Steve Foote said: “We’re reaching-out to the wargaming community to help support Sophia’s Stepping Stones and hope this event will be entertaining and inspiring enough to encourage donations.

“There will be viewer interaction allowing donations to affect the course of the battle and trigger special in-game events. We are also hosting a prize draw which a number of businesses, including OG Games, Hollow Tree Studios and Heelan Hammer have supported by donating prizes.”

The club invites supporters to follow the progress of the players as they prepare their models, gaming table and rules in the build-up to this unique event at:

You can find out more about Sophia’s Stepping Stones by visiting: and donate at:"

This sounds like a very worthy cause and it should be a lot of fun too, double the awesome! It would be great to see some of you Beasts of War members getting involved, be it through donations or by watching the event and taking part to show your support.

Will you be watching?

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