More Dwarf Ironbreakers & Irondrake Images Leak Out

February 13, 2014 by brennon

If you liked the snippet look at the Irondrakes earlier this week then you might begin to drool over the more close up images of both them and the Ironbreakers from the new White Dwarf coming this Saturday for Games Workshop's Dwarfs thanks to Bugman's Brewery once again...

Ironbreaker Cover

Ironbreaker Command

Ironbreaker Close-Up


The Ironbreakers themselves are looking fairly epic I have to say. I love that they have gone with the metal beard covers over the top and the miniatures as a whole remind me of some of the Adrian Smith art we've seen in the past. In fact I have a very neat piece of Ironbreaker art as my site avatar at the moment.

Irondrake Command


We also have a closer, and better, look at the Irondrakes and more specifically that awesome command and the special weapon, the Trollhammer. This is the strength eight, multiple wound rocket propelled hook that I can imagine hurtling towards a troll and slamming through him before dragging him down where he gets hacked apart by fellow warriors.

The Hammerers were an immediate buy for me when they came out a couple of weeks ago and the same is going to go for the Ironbreakers/Irondrakes. I will have the rulebook come Saturday so will make a decision on how to build them then!

What do you think?

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